Cece Giannotti born in Montréal from italian parents after graduating from Berklee of College of Music he decides to move to Barcelona in 92 where he currently resides. A very well sought musician in the city, this blues troubador spreads his sonic palette with his deep soulful voice and his well crafted songs and tasty guitar playing. He's played and recorded with (Tina Turner, John Cale, Marc Ribot, Rhonda Smith, etc...). His live concerts whether in solo format, duo with Bruno Gimeno or with his band Après Minuit are always a treat.

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CG’s acoustic solo concerts are a true delight and journey. The union of his deep voice and guitar brings forth an honest and deep interpretation of every song he plays whether its an original song or a cover.

When accompanied by his band you'll enjoy his full musical depth and sound and the talented musicians and collaborators that bring improvisation virtuosity and character to his repertoire.

World on a string defines perfectly this duo. Cece’s deep bluesy voice knits perfectly over his groovy acoustic rhythm and riffs and the elegant weaving atmospheric guitar work of BG, a colourful canvas of strings.

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