ESCAPE (2012)

Cece Giannotti

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Inspired in the life of the great escapist Harry Houdini, Cece Giannotti works within new sonic boundaries, mixing pop songs with touches of jazz/blues atmospheres and improvisations. Accompanied by a wonderful band Francesc Chaparro, Jordi Picazos and Matías Míguez he had the opportunity to work with guitar wizard Marc Ribot (Tom Waits, Robert Plant, Elvis Costelo), 2 great pianists Alain Mallet (Paul Simon, Jonatha Brooke) and Bennett Paster, and harmonica player Julio Lobos.

In these songs the common thread is Houdini’s deep connection with death and the esoteric world. In order to capture some of this mystical vibe he joined forces with Video Jockey Messidor in his live performances to enhance Houdini’s obsession and vision to contact with the the great beyond and his constant desire to connect the manifested with non manifested world.