Cece Giannotti


Bring that darkness down - Cece Giannotti
When you love - Cece Giannotti

This album was recorded between March 2020 and November 2021. In August we were fortunate to escape Barcelona’s urban claws and create a new life in the peaceful village of Capmany, where eventually the rest of the recordings were finalised. Its been quite a journey, I am blessed and thankful to have finished the album and feel an even greater connection with mother music.


Produced by Caravan (Cece Giannotti & Francesc Chaparro), and mixed by Cece Giannotti except “Where the wild weeds grow” mixed by DUBÉ (Marc Dubé) and "Fleur de lys" mixed by Cece Gainnotti & Bruno Gimeno. Here's a list of the excelent players that have participted: Francesc Chaparro, Joan Comaposada, Gabriel Mastronardi, Bennett Paster, Bernat Casares, Raul del Moral, Joan Pau Cumellas, Luciano Ceraso, Carlos Torregrossa, Fer Tejero, Eli Monfort, Riky Frouchman, Santi Ursul, Txell Sust, Lucas Rochaix, Bruce Reid, Jon Grier.